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I’m Holley and it’s lovely to meet you...


I’m Holley and it’s lovely to meet you...

As a Life and Wellbeing Coach, I empower people to live a happier life. We are all on our own journey and this is why coaching is unique to you. Life can be challenging enough, even at the best of times, so my approach is to deliver coaching support that is simple yet powerful. I enable people to function and feel well and importantly, live the life they want!  Holley Clare Coaching offers a package that is holistic, compassionate and creative, aiming to bring the fun along the way!

“Holley's dedication and passion for what she does shine through in every session, and her flexible approach to coaching has been incredibly useful, allowing me to get the guidance I need. Her support has been a cornerstone in my journey toward achieving my dreams, and I can't recommend her enough.”

A little about me...

I have always had a passion for helping and supporting other people. My own journey has been one of pain, healing and growth but this experience has shaped me to become the Coach I am today. I have rebuilt my life aligned to my core values and purpose and I now empower and coach others to be able to do the same. I am an advocate of mental health and wellbeing, supporting people with both personal and professional growth and development.

Why do I need a Coach?

Maybe you have tried other talking therapies and they haven’t worked for you?
Maybe you have tried making changes and haven’t gained the outcome you hoped or needed?
Maybe you are wanting to reach out for help and haven’t done so yet because you are unsure what to do next?

 If you are feeling frustrated or fed up, maybe you are in need of a helping hand. Any of the following situations sound like you?

  • Stuck and unsure of which direction to turn
  • Hopeless and can’t see the light
  • Distressing emotions and don’t know how to cope
  • Unhappy and don’t want to carry on living life the way you are
  • Struggling in relationships and don’t know who to turn to
  • Stressed, burnt out, exhausted and lacking support
  • Lost and don’t know who you are or what your purpose is
  • Trapped and need a way out or forward

Coaching calling out to you?

Laughter is the best medicine.
Talking is the best therapy.


My Blog ‘A Passion Pitch’ was originally set up as place where personal, positive posts could be shared with the aim of bringing light, hope and help to others. If you would like to be up to date with free regular posts about wellbeing practices and tips on how to live a better and healthier life, just pop your details below.

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